<html> <head> <title>Smarter Girls - Camp</title> </head> <body text="#7F0965" link="#7F0965" vlink="#8EDF01"><font face="century gothic, arial"> <center><Table border=0 width=900> <tr><td colspan=2><img src="girlsbar.jpg" border=0></tc></tr> <tr><td background="starside.gif" width="170" valign="top"><br><b><a href="index.html">Home</a></b><br><br><a href="about.html"><b>About</a></b><br><br><a href="camp.html"><b>Day Camp</a></b><br><br> <a href="contacts.html"><b>Contacts</a></b><br><br> <br><br> <td width=730 valign="top"><center><b><font size="+1">Smarter Girls</font></b></center><br> <u>Summer Day Camp program:</u><br><br> 2016 DATES:<br> Saturday and Sunday July 23 - 24<br> 9:00am  4:30pm each day<br><br> LOCATION:<br> Kettering University, Flint, MI<br> You must transport your child to and from Camp each day<br><br> COST:<br> <b>$20</b><br> Lunch, Snacks and all Materials Provided<br><br> ACTIVITIES:<br> Science workshops<br> Math workshops<br> Character Building activities<br> Games<br><br> Girls aged 8-13 are eligible to participate.<br><br> <b>Camp 2016 registration is now available by downloading and completing the application form at the following link: <a href="SGApp.pdf"><b>Application Form</b></a></b> <br>Applications are due by July 9, 2016.</b><br><br> RULES/DISCIPLINE:<br> 1. Rules<br> - Have fun, be positive, maintain a good attitude<br> - No talking out of turn<br> - No leaving your seat without permission<br> - No running or roughhousing<br> - No profanity<br> - No hurtful words<br><br> 2. Discipline<br> - 3 strikes and you go home. Strikes are tracked.<br><br> <center>Generously supported by the GM Foundation<br> <img src="GMF.jpg" border=0><br><br> <center><img src="photos2.jpg" border=0><br></td></tr> </table> <font size="-2">Smarter Girls, Incorporated &#169; 2006-2016</font></center> </body> </html>